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dum de dum feeling a little bored and cold, should really be doing my maths coursework (was in for today, but whatever). argh maths smells. anywhoo, what are you other peoples up to?
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liking the look of this community...

hi i just joined about a minute and a half ago :) my name is Gee and i hope i can make some friends here! not many people 'get me' if that makes sense. i am usually quite womanly, but not girly as i embraced gothic clothing/style qute a while ago (all hail black velvet and ribbons). i love my dr.martens boots. i can be quite tomboyish though, and apparently i look like a guy from behind (when i wear hoodies). mainly because my hair isnt long and flowing, its girl-shortish and sticks up all over the place. oh yeah, i have a pirate obsession. YARRRR! lol :D
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Axel + Riku;

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Wow! Man, am I glad to see this community and join it... I wasn't even looking for one, this is awesome. I think this is the perfect place for me. You can call me a tomboy for way many reasons: the lack of any clothes that even might be considered feminine, lack of make-up, 24/7 cursing(X-x), looking around for a motorcycle, playing video games and talk about them all day. But probably the most important reason of them all is.. my absolute hate for babbly cheerleaders.

I will sure be visiting this community regularly... looks cool


*Hiya, I took a liking to this community and decided to join...the main attraction being the video games and dorkiness factor involved. :D Now who's getting (or already has) "World of Warcraft" for the holidays?!?

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w00t w00t for video games

I'm getting FFXI and a network addapter for my PS2 *dances* I am soooo happy...and my hubby is giving me my present tomorrow before we go to the Strung Out show.
The point is I'm way happy...I love FFXI...the whole FF series is by far my favorite RPG. Now back to Hamlet and Earl Grey tea.



hey, i've been told i'm a feminine tomboy! weird. *looks around* this place looks nice. hello everyone. i am ooh_is_that_pie. well, no, not really. i'm actually hannah, but you can call me whatever you want. i find most girls annoying as well. people have told me i'm like avril lavigne. they've also been kicked in the shins. most girls my age annoy the living crap out of me. i don't know why. a lot of my friends are boys. and any 'girlfriends' i may have think i'm really boring 'cause all i can talk about it sports, video games and music. to them. heehee. *shrugs* i don't know what i'm carrying on about. i just like to confuse people, but end up confusing myself.

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