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Hey everyone!

I'm kinda new, so here it goes. I can definetely classify myself as a tomboy.

I never played dolls, but I did adore cars and transformers.

I am an athlete in heart and blood, and I prefer full body contact sports. Like I'm the only girl on my highschool football team - defensive lineman. I also started rugby - a Lock, most probably.

I get along with guys best and I have tons of guy friends.

I hate those sqeeky girls who sqeal, talk about make-up and dresses all the time, whine about broken nails and duck every time they see a ball flying at them.

You wouldn't catch me dead in a skirt!

LOL I think I shoul've been born a guy. I'm straight, though, just to be clear.

P.S. Don't let my display picture fool ya, I just put a queen there cause my friends say I have a big ego and always act like a Queen. Not in a bad way, though.
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